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1 February 2021

Just a quick post to say hello, what do you think of this wonderful print. We have to admit we love it. The style worn here is a simple turban style. Which we've shown in our previous headwrap tutorial videos. It's a quick and easy one. We think this headwwrap makes a great Valentine's Day style option - what do you think? Don't forget in our Valentine's gift guide which includes black-owned businesses, you'll find a special offer that can be use across our shop. Don't miss out!! GRAB YOUR COPY

24 January 2021

Can you believe it's 2021. We can't!! We've been quiet for a while, resting over the Christmas period and then starting to work on our new summer range which we can't wait to share with you. But before then we're excited to be bringing something new for you soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know, when our headwrap bonnets are in store. With Valentine's Day just around the corner we wanted to share our Love Buba Valentine's Gift Guide, showing you what we think our great gift ideas, all from Black-owned businesses. Download our Valentine's gift guide, and receive a special offer to use before February 1 2021. You'll also find gift ideas from brands we love.

10 December 2020

It's getting closer and closer to the holiday season. The last date for orders - international orders are Friday 11 December. UK orders standard post 16 December. Anything ordered after these dates is unlikely to arrive before 25 December.

Still looking for gifts, take a look at the LoveBuba Holiday Gift Guide

Secret Santa gifts - £10 and under

Gifts for him

Gifts for her

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1 December 2020

Happy Holidays! Seasons Greetings. Can you believe we have less than a month until its 2021?! We can't either. 2020 has been a year to remember, a difficult year for many, a year where we have all had to reflect and consider what's important to us and perhaps do things differently. As business owners 2020 has taught us lots:

1. We launched our website, something we said we couldn't find the time to do before hand but then knuckled down and got it done
2. What with postal delays and international shipping we had to find new ways to get items to you and to us
3. We had to rethink some of the products we wanted to launch to you.

But even with all this the main thing is that we are safe and well and even though this year has been a strange one we have seen many great things happen. One that we love is the number of businesses we've seen start up, grow and flourish during this time. The focus on shopping small and local. The love around #blackpoundday in the UK from people from all walks of life. Also the general support we have seen from business
sharing and supporting each other.

In light of that we were surprised but happy to see that we were included in Bino and Fino's African fashion stores for children's list

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We love Bino and Fino content, it helps teaches children about Africa and we watch the cartoon too. If you haven't watched the show, we recommend it. You can find it on YouTube, here's an example of the content you can watch.

11 October 2020

In the second of our chats we speak to Cammile owner of Sizzla C salon. She'll be telling us more about her business as well as some tips on how to keep our hair in good condition when wearing headwraps.

Cammile, thanks for agreeing to participate in our blog chat, we'd love to hear about your journey as a hairdresser, where are you based and how long have you been doing hair?

I’ve been a hairdresser for the last 24 years. Growing up I watched my auntie hairdressing and dreamed one day I would have my own business. I came to Nottingham in 1996 and started studying at Nottingham hairdressing training agency. I also worked in a hair salon to evening shifts as a waitress. I became a parent to two beautiful daughters and that transitioned me to be a mobile hairdresser. Sadly in 2005 my auntie passed away suddenly, She had a sickle cell crisis. This made me more determined to follow my dream. In 2007 I applied for  The Prince's Trust fund" and in 2008 I was accepted for an interest free loan to help start up my own business. In Dec 08 I opened up Sizzla C Hair Salon. As a tribute to my auntie I named my salon Sizzla C as that was my auntie’s nickname.

Aww what a lovely way to recogonise your aunt, its always interesting to hear what inspired a brand/business name. Thinking about changes in hardressing since you launched your salon, over the last couple of years, we have seen people falling back in love with their natural hair. Why do you think that is and what has that meant for you and your business?

We are even more in love with our hair than ever before as there is so much more products out there for us to choose from. I also feel like we have had an awakening of what these chemicals are actually doing to our hair and body. We in a time where we feel more aware of our natural beauty and Black people have come together and empowered each other. We also have more knowledge of what is in the products that we are putting in our body and hair. Business is still busy for me with more clients going natural. I do have to allow more time to educate and advise my clients on treatments and products for their hair instead of them using chemicals.

Do you think this is a trend? When we think about the late 60s and 70s 'the natural' or 'afro' were popular styles but by the 80s it was perms and big curls do you think we"ll see a similar shift in a few years?

No I don’t think it’s a trend at all, it’s a movement, as people want chemical free, low maintenance and easy lifestyle. Black people are so in love with their hair and the fact we can be so versatile makes us even more special. We are very fashionable people so it can look like we are starting a trend but in actual fact we are just more aware of what is out there for us and we want and love to embrace our hair. We will always see a shift in all the different hairstyles throughout the years as I have seen this throughout my career. I was doing Kiss curls and Finger waves in the late 90s and look now everyone’s doing it.

During the lockdown period, many of us had to try and do their own hair. What are your top tips for taking care of your hair between visits to the salon? And what should we really not try to do ourselves ?

So yes a lot of clients did DIY haircuts and hair dyes over the lockdown period. I recommend that you don’t do it, Professional hair dyes are called professional for a reason and if you start dying you hair with a box dyes then you have extra problems when coming to salon. Cutting your own hair is not recommend but if you feel like your ends are dry and brittle you can try and cutting the ends until you can get into a salon to get it straighten out. Split ends will cause more damage so if you can cut them off then do so at your own risk!

You wear headwraps, is there anything we should consider when wrapping our hair? And what's your favourite headwrap style

My top tips to maintain hair between salon appointments is to make sure you keep you hair moisturised daily Oil scalp twice a week if you have dry/flaky scalp Anyone with problems washing thick, curly hair or dry scalp Apply shampoo with a brush on scalp before wash, give scalp a gentle massage then add water and shampoo as normal. Have fun with your hair and experiment hairstyles, there are so many step-by-step tutorials out there now so I say go and enjoy.

My favourite headwrap style is in a turban. I can do it with my eyes close after watching a few of your tutorials on your insta page. When you’re wrapping your hair try not to tie it too tight, as can give yourself a headache.
Also don’t forget to keep your hair moisturized daily. I would recommend a silk wrap at night-time to sleep in.

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Loving this video from @sizzlac_hairsalon, thank you for sharing and for ordering from us ☺朗 #blackpoundday #headwrap #videooftheday

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06 October 2020

Want to know how to style your headscarf in a bow. This video will show you how!

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This LoveBuba video shows you how to easily tie your headwrap in a bow style. Visit for headscarves and other African wax print styles. #headwraptutorials #turbanstyle #africanprint

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28 August 2020

Here's our first blog chat and we're joined by SoFrolushes, a content creator, wife and mother, who recently purchased a couple of LoveBuba headwraps. Here we find out a bit more about the woman, who blogs, vlogs writes and more. Photo credit Sofrolushes.

Hi SoFrolushes, can you tell us a little about you and the content you create? Where can we follow you and access your content?

Hi, well for those who don’t know my name is Laverne. Both of my parents are from Jamaica but they met in the UK. Although I was raised in more than one country the core of my upbringing has been Jamaican with cultural nuances from the country(s) we have resided in.

I have two Youtube channels SoFrolushesTV (Beauty Fashion Hair DIY)
SoFrolushes (social commentary, ancestry, news vlogs).
My Blogs and 

I am also quite active on Twitter @ Sofrolushes. I am on other social platforms but I’m not as active on them. I am trying to get back into a regular routine with my social media especially my websites.

You recently posted that you need storage for your headwraps. How many headwraps do you own and what do you look for in a headwrap?

I own about 13 headwraps. There maybe more as I buy things on impulse and if I see something I like it and at the time I can afford to indulge. So yeah as my collection grows I think they will need there own storage place in my room. I have fabric that can be turned in headwraps but I have yet to take out my sewing machine. I love all sorts of prints including African prints.

Do you have a favourite headwrap style? 

I like doing buns and topknots. The style where you have a bun at the top of your hairline but also I like this style when some hair is visible on top of my head too. 

Are there any sites that you visit or influencers that you follow that you would recommend for helping with inspiration on how to tie your headwrap?

Youtube and Pinterest are the best places for tutorials for me. I don’t watch anyone specifically I just type in headwrap styles or tutorials and see what comes up. Some of the influencers I watch like That Chick Angel TV and Ms MuffinIsMyLovers do have easy to follow tutorials on their channels though.

You've recently started wearing headwraps to work. Can you tell us about that? What's changed for you and what was preventing you wearing headwraps to work previously?

I have always wrapped my hair especially when I was much younger. I would buy fabric just to wrap my hair from fabric shops. However I remember one time I worked in a call centre and I was in-between styles. I wrapped my hair and this supervisor a man told me I was not allowed to wear a headwrap. He had no issues with the Muslim women he just took umbrage with me. 

Fast forward to modern days. I would wrap my hair on weekends and sometimes to attend church. My work colleagues always loved the pictures and even asked if I would do so to come to work and in my head I was like mmm I already get a thousand questions about hair and hairstyles do I want more questions if I wrap my hair for work. 

Now my edges have not been in the best condition and I wanted to cover them up, My hair is natural and my edges will only lie down for so long, so I thought let me see if I can do this. A part of me was thinking people would stare more than they do normally. Surprisingly I got a quite a few compliments and have been told it suits me a lot whilst others looked at me not knowing if they should or should not say anything, Its a big difference to asking me how short my hair is or if I have any hair at all. I actually have lots of hair. 

I think headwraps will become part of my normal working life and not just a go to for in-between styles. I have worn colourful headbands to work so this is like a levelling up. I just need to get some colours that are within the uniform and office acceptable colours just in case. 

If there are people who haven't yet embraced headwraps what would your advice to them be?

You should give it a go and try it. I wear headwraps to parties, church and even the cinema they are so versatile and look good on everyone. In some cases headwraps can complete an outfit.

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10 August 2020

We've been enjoying beautiful hot and sunny weather in the UK. And although we wear African prints all year round there is something about a hot sunny day that just makes wax or Ankara prints the right choice. One of our key mantras is making African print part of your everyday wear, not just for parties and celebrations or on Fridays like back home but every day. So the other day when I met someone who hadn't heard of LoveBuba they rightly challenged me and asked why I wasn't wearing African print. Which I guess was a fair question, and although I don't wear African print evey day, my bag of choice that day was a 100% leather handmade brown bag featuring African weave made by a Senegalese artisan who supplies some of the bags we sell. Me - one of the business owners and bag owner had totally forgotten that was the case too. It was only as I picked up my bag to leave that I remembered.

This little anecdote just shows how you can easily incorporate African prints into your everyday wear but also that African fabrics are broader than just the popular wax prints but beautifully woven materials, Kente, Aso Oke or using techniques handed down through generations like Adire.

3 August 2020

Over the last couple of weeks we've been working on new content and in this 60 second video we guide you through how to create an easy and stylish headwrap style.

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This is a quick and easy headwrap style that anyone can do in 60 seconds. The headwrap is available too #headwraptutorial #africanheadwrap #naturalista #headwrapqueen #turbanstyle

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